November 13, 2007

Lost Day

I spent most of the day today in bed with a vicious migraine. Like many migraine-sufferers, I have gradually become my own best advocate when it comes to dealing with these crippling headaches. Slowly but surely, I have figured out my main migraine triggers (intense stress, lack of sleep, too much sun, and too much time between meals), and through keeping an eye on those have been able to feel somewhat more in control of my life. And as these things go, I've been relatively lucky; I rarely suffer from more than one migraine a month, and have never had one that lasted more than 24 hours, unlike some of the folks who piped up in the comments on Judith Warner's recent NYT piece on her migraine struggles.

But today's migraine was the result (I think) of two factors I have less control over: barometric pressure, and a "rebound" effect that sometimes comes from taking the medicine that usually banishes a migraine for good. So when I woke up at 4:49am with a blazing headache and the weird combination of hunger and nausea that goes with my migraines, I pretty much knew I was down for the count.

I curled up in bed, slept when I could, ate when I could stand it, and took a bath when standing up didn't make me dizzy anymore. By 4pm I was feeling almost human again.

And this evening, I wrote up another one of my stories for my Life in Stories Project.

So not an entirely lost day after all!


Cloudscome said...

Great slinky story! I think the trick is you have to teach them to walk down the stairs. My brothers and I spent many hours doing that. Sooner or later all the slinkies ended up with kinks though.

Great lesson from your dad. What a wise man.

I'd say your day was very accomplished!

Nancy Bea said...

I love that slinky story! I think I may have seen an earlier version somewhere on your site before.

Your family sounds a bit like mine...the late adoption of color TV, the limiting of TV watching...even the candid dicussions about advertising!

Sorry to hear about your migraine...sounds awful!

Chelle said...

Glad to hear you were finally able to conquer the migraine.

I too liked your story. What an effective lesson your Dad taught. My family was very late in acquiring a color tv. I was in college before I knew that the Oz sections of the Wizard of Oz were in color because I'd only ever seen it on black and white tv.