November 18, 2007


Here's Mr. D playing Othello vs. the famous Mr. G, one of his good friends and most frequent opponents in the after-school games. I try whenever possible not to rush D out, but to let him stay and finish his game if that's what he'd rather do. So I get to lurk and listen. Games often end with a handshake and the pronouncment, "Good game." I don't think I'll ever get tired of witnessing spontaneous good manners on our son's part.

In addition to wondering idly about the location of my colored ink pads (I had to make a birthday card today with homemade stencils, yikes!) I'm still watching yesterday's music video of our guy's evolution as a bike rider once every couple of hours. And just after I've been grooving on Larry Lessig's TED talk about the necessity of openness and creativity! Gotta love those geniuses at ANIMOTO.

And hey Wendy, I got myself a space in a little "how to" letterboxing session later this year, so yay, I might actually get that particular creative act in gear. And we completely love What Kind of Cat Are You? too!

We're contemplating taking in the Philly Holiday Pops around Christmas this year... anyone have any informal reviews to share? Time to fold the laundry...

(Day 19 of NaBloPoMo.)
(Also, many happy returns to my BFF Claire Dana.)


sister AE said...

My dad loved Othello! As I mentioned in my chess post he liked any game with strategy. And although we did get tired of him winning all the time, he was always willing to play again, which made it a great game as far as we were concerned.

I'll have to check out the Larry Lessig talk during a break today - sounds really interesting.

polka dot witch said...

what a gift you give him when you let him finish his game with a friend! we're always in such a rush. it's physical proof that you make time. that you pace yourselves. i'm inspired! i'm always feeling hurried.