November 19, 2007

Things That Made Me Smile Today

For most of the day today, our internet access here at home was knocked out. Now it's back. :-)

This morning's rain wanted very badly to be snow. It came down in wet, slurpy, kiss-like splats. As I drove north, it achieved its desire and magically became snow. :-)

A certain someone has finally learned her lesson and bought FOUR quarts of Soy Silk Nog when she had the chance the other day. :-)

The young gentleman and I went shopping at Dick's for new wrestling shoes and he confidently sounded out the name of the store. :-)

Someone I like called me out of the blue. At work, even! :-)

My folks seem to like the idea of an all-family outing to the Philly Holiday Pops. :-)

I got a chance to talk to my dear old friend Claire. :-)

A bunch of cool folks have read and commented on my "I Carry" post. :-)

And on the day I realized I'd been tagged with a book-related meme, I heard a little piece on NPR about the correlation between reading and success in life. :-)

My pillow will be nice and cool when I rest my head on it in a few minutes. :-)

(NaBloPoMo day #19. For real this time.
Yesterday was the 18th. I get ahead of myself.)

1 comment:

poet with a day job said...

reading and success are related? I better hurry up and start tackling my triple wide stack by the bedside table if I wanna win a contest!