November 11, 2007

Woolly Bear

This woolly bear caterpillar was inching her way up the Meetinghouse wall this morning when she lost her purchase and tumbled into the grass. I gently scooped her up and explained to Mr. D that some folks believe that the width of the brown band on a woolly bear is inversely predictive of the length of the coming winter. But then, since this was the first woolly bear I'd seen all year (and maybe his first ever), we didn't have much in the way of comparative data.

"When they're scared, they curl up in a little ball," I continued. "But I'm trying not to scare her."

We were waiting for D's other mom to come and scoop him up. Focusing on the caterpillar helped me not get too stressed out about the time. We also played a round of head stomp shadow tag, in which you try to step on the shadow of your partner's head. This is a game in which it pays to be the shorter player. I lost and lost and lost.

(Posting every day? No problem.
Figuring out what to wear on Monday morning? Sigh.
Cool stuff on Woolly Bears over here and here, if you're curious.)


poet with a day job said...

Woolly Bear is the perfect name for that thing!

Cloudscome said...

That brown band looks enormous to me! Many winters the band is half that width. Looks like snow days in our future!