January 10, 2008

Changing Times

Mr. D is so accustomed to video on demand he doesn't even bat an eye. Want to see a magic trick? Pull up a computer, open up YouTube, and you can put together a magic show of your very own.

Regular television is starting to go the way of camera film in my life; I don't remember the last time I watched television (as opposed to popping in a DVD), and I don't think I've bought a roll of 35mm film in the last five years. The alternatives are just too good.

No matter what you want to do, there's a video out there showing you how. Mr. D wanted to tune his guitar, and I found a great video on YouTube in just a few seconds. Since re-learning how to carve a turkey via the NYT website over Thanksgiving, I've also been more interested in videos as they connect to everyday living. My sister has been offering (for years) to help us get our pantry organized, but maybe the folks over at Better.tv can get me started. (Anyone know where I get those clear plastic containers for cereal?) At home, we're currently benefiting from T's purchase of some organizing drawers for our Lego collection; we still have some sorting to do, but when we finish, it's going to make playing and pickup much more satisfying. There's a local organization that helps folks prepare to apply for jobs, so a closet clean-out is also coming. Part of the challenge for us is that organizing and pitching just aren't as much fun as family board games or cooking. What motivates you?

(Thanks for the tip, Hip Blog Mamas!)


Wendy said...

oh...rubbermade makes 'em and i think tupperware and i think my hubs got his at target.

me...i just keep it in the ol' box

Chelle said...

I can get those containers (and many more) for you at the local Container Store, or you can get them from their online store. If you're going to organize the pantry I should come fix the shelves...

Anonymous said...

Good work, that clean-up thing is best done all the time. We're motivated by not wanting our loved ones to clean up after us when we're beyond caring. But we're confronted with decades of neglect / blissful accumulation. So now the job is huge. We're making dents, slowly. Chimchim