February 02, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

We sat across from each other, each in our own world, but also undeniably together. He was working with colored pencils, me with rubber stamps, a white gel marker, and some glitter glue. We hummed while we worked, trading little snippets back and forth. We were not in a hurry. I found myself wondering, afterwards, which of these moments he may remember.

(Thanks to the folks at Thing-A-Day
for stoking the fires again this year.)

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

This will be his best memories. Trust me on this.

When my girls were little; I got no child support so we had no money to do anything. We didn't even have a tv for years. I ended up volunteering at a children's hands on discovery center at an arts museum for five hours every weekend and we had all these art materials at our finger tips.

In addition at home art was the center of our time together. No coloring books, no crayons; so limiting to the imagination.

As adults my girls don't really recall doing without when it came to entertainment. Now food and clothes; that was another matter.

My oldest girl is at teacher and she has begun teaching children; creating hands on projects.

Trust me; this will be one of his best, most peaceful memories he will draw upon