February 01, 2008

Wish I'd Been There!

This video of time stopping in Grand Central Station is just a little over two minutes long. Who would you rather have been, a participant, or a spectator?

This post is dedicated to the fabulous TBF (pictured above), who is now officially the 4th grade winner of this year's Barlow Award at the Glenelg Country School. In pursuit of this triumph, she enthusiastically recited Roald Dahl's poem Television from memory. I could NOT be prouder! She says that when the award was announced, it felt to her as if time was slowing to a stop, so I thought she'd enjoy this video. Woo hoo! I wish I'd been there!


WorkingWords100 said...


I hope that you had fun in NYC!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Me too, could not be prouder, and oh so happy for TBF. What a wonderful way to get noticed for your excellence in a new school/
make new friends. Thank you S for sharing this good news. And oh yes, I would have liked to be there----both places.

sister AE said...

Both things are WAY COOL!

Stacy said...

Congrats to TBF.

I think I would rather be a spectator.....though if I were standing still I could watch everyone be enthralled. Food for thought, anyway!