March 22, 2008

Baby Freeze!

Sorry about the slow-down in posting around here. We're coming into the home stretch in this season of high-volume application review, but it's still a rare night when T arrives home before Mr. D goes to bed. We're having fun, and we're BUSY. Yesterday and today were mostly dedicated to bike riding, Legos, playdates, the Star Wars game, Connect-4, and, um... breakdancing.

Mr. D saw a breakdancing move that looked a little bit like a wrestling move he already knew, and then he discovered that big kid B (another after-school chess player) knows a few more moves. That and a few YouTube videos really got his fire going, and he has been working and working on his six-step, windmill, and this awesome baby freeze.

(In other news, I'm enjoying Twitter.
No idea what that is? Don't worry about it... the latest geek toy.
If you're wondering what all the fuss is about,
see my Twitter Newbies FAQ.)


Anonymous said...

Watched the U-tube videos so we KNOW what good looks like!! (In case Mr D tries to show up, or off, in the media)
He looks great as a still life (so to speak) tho!!


Wendy said...

happy new year!

this vid is dedicated to mr. d