March 23, 2008

Worth Reading

I can feel spring coming. Even when Easter falls early in the year, as it has this year, it brings with it the redemptive message of hope in the face of the inevitable. Or, sometimes, hope as an inevitable partner in the dance towards whatever comes.

Community-oriented blogger Chris Brogan has offered we fellow-bloggers a little "thank you" to the first 100 of us who, in the spirit of renewal and regeneration, take a moment to point to a blog that we think is perhaps under-appreciated, one that receives only a few comments per post.

I have about 50 personal blogs in my RSS feed now, and some of them are automatically disqualified because they receive LOTS more than a few comments per post (e.g. Robert Reich's read-worthy blog).

But the blog that sprung immediately to mind is one of the first ones I found, a blog by a Canadian wise woman who makes a point of connecting her cyberlife to our life on the planet.

Many of her entries are deceptively simple meditations on what she calls her "potterings" through the woods and fields near her home. But I find, at the end a long day of cyberwandering, that her observations and photos (did I mention her amazing photos?) are some of what stays with me.

So if you've a mind to, head on over to Beyond the Fields We Know, drink in Cate's wisdom, and revel in your existence, flesh and blood, on this home we call Earth. Tell her I sent you.

(In peace, and with gratitude.
Always open to your ideas for new reads.
And hoping to post pictures of our colored eggs sometime tonight.)


Chris Brogan said...

Don't forget to drop me your email address. : )

tumblewords said...

Cate's blog is gorgeous - thanks for the heads up!

KerrdeLune said...

My word, Shelley, my ears are burning and I am blushing too - a fetching shade of brilliant Easter pink. Thank you!!!!!

The Easter eggs were created with my grandsons. There were little pools of food coloring, bits of wax and crayons and scraps of lace all over the kitchen - it was great fun, and we are thinking of doing it more often.