May 05, 2008

Breaking Habits and Starting New Ones

This weekend I spent some time thinking about Rwanda. I am in the sorry habit of thinking that Africa has little to do with me, and I am trying to break that habit. I thank Jen Lemen for living into her gifts, and for giving me an opportunity to make a personal connection to Rwandese girls. Thanks, too, to my friend C, who helped gather together some creative spirits (and markers!) in our mission to grow a little hope, HopeRevo style. (Thanks to you, too, Krystyn!) Cards from our work together are headed your way...

And I'm bookmarking Ode magazine and All Africa for further reading. Any additional suggestions?

~ ~ ~

In other news, we have officially discovered the joy of soccer. Saturday morning soccer is our new habit. And we will apparently be needing to work at keeping the soccer duds clean:

I hope everyone else had as wonderful a weekend as I did.

(Want to try your hand at the monthly haiku contest
I've talked about here? The new call for submissions
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On another note, there's also still time to share
your thoughts about educators managing their online identities
over here, as well.)


jen lemen said...

this totally makes my day!!! can't wait.

Shalet said...

Keep up the good work!

Shelley said...

Yay, Jen, turnabout is fair play!

And yay for you, too, Shalet; one of my cousins is a big-time triathlete, and I'm happy to think of you out there huffing and puffing. YOU keep up the good work!