June 13, 2008

Tag Cloud 2.0

I have almost 4,000 sites bookmarked via del.icio.us (they're over here, in case you're curious).

Each site is labeled with at least one tag, and this is a visual representation of 80 or so of the most popular tags. Cool, huh?

(Click on image to embiggen.)

(Want one? Try heading on over to Wordle.
You don't have to be a del.icio.us user, either...
you can toss any text into the mixer
and then play with the output.
Bad for productivity:
my brownbag lunch today is going to be blah.)


ingrid said...

awesome. i love wordle

JAXTER said...

I should get you in my del.icio.us network!!! - I am trailing way behind you with only about 55 so you are way impressive, and the design of words is to swoon over!