August 08, 2008


Yes, an auspicious day here at Auntie Camp... and no wonder! Did you know that eight is my favorite number?

The campers were smiling. (Okay, they were smiling because I told them to, but still.)

Individually, these are some excellent children:

But it's the getting them together that has made this week so fantastic:

Here are the official Auntie Camp traditions (because the campers are talking about next year as if it's a done deal):

First night tradition ~
Woodrow Wilson School Pool in whatever you've got on.

Last night tradition ~
Dinner at Stewarts

(Many thanks to my sister and brother-out-law
for allowing us to scoop up their girls for a whole week.
And to the Princeton Friends School Summer Camp
for giving each of them such wonderful times
in community, in the woods, and at the swim quarry.)


Tracy said...

You're given them the gifts of unconditional love and beautiful memories, to boot! (Not to mention FROSTED FLAKES in the mornings?!?!?) Thanks for all, Shelley and T. Love, The Sister

Wendy said...


~Jenn said...

Those tall young women are your tiny baby nieces??? When did THAT happen?

~Jenn, whose babies are growing up too