August 18, 2008

Life on the other side

We did it. Thanks to some outstanding planning on my friends' K&S part and our own intrepid natures, our trip to the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland was a fabulous adventure from start to finish. I spent no time before the trip thinking about what was probably the most challenging aspect of the trip... the fact that renting a car in Scotland meant that I was about to embark on a week of driving on the left, sitting on the right, and shifting with my left! But despite the dire warnings from the folks at the car rental desk ("Call this number if you run into a curb and get a flat tire, call this number if you're in an accident, and we'll just be holding a $1000 pound surety on your account in case of any damages."), I drove all over the place without too much trouble. (Occasional lurches into first gear when I was aiming for third notwithstanding.)

I've uploaded a bunch of our pictures from the trip at, and will try to post a few stories over the coming days here.

It was great to go, and it's good to be back.


Nancy Bea Miller said...

Wow! Sounds great!

JAXTER said...

Looks as though you had gobs of fun! How awesome - and good job with the driving.

Wendy said...

the photos are lovely!
welcome back