December 31, 2008

Deer Haiku

Image: Cindy47452 via Flickr

four more wait, watching,
while this one tests our brakes –
an unhurried deer


Anonymous said...

blue sky
the black eyes of a deer

Shelley said...

@martin Thanks so much for this lovely response! I think it's time for you to start sharing your 'ku with the internet again, please!

Anonymous said...

But wait...
Have you been to my blog? ...just click on martin and then click martin's haiku attempts and leave comments, haiku, or anything you like...pretty please:

pond mist
the frog jumps into the sneeze

October chill
the pine trees pass through the moon

childhood beach house
the wind ripples the dune

train window
the sun follows the geese

storm surge
the boatman fingers the pipe bowl

the missing girl reappears on the next pole

distant fires
lovers shout under a blue moon

whispering twins
willow fluff passes over the crib

bank holiday
another gust through the schoolyard swings

scotch whiskey dusk
howling dogs at the bottom of the glass

I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Love this! The photo, the haiku - all of it. We see deer every now and then at our cabin - usually the fawns. So beautiful. I'm guessing they are plentiful where you are. I'm baking my Haiku(s) for tomorrow, Haiku Fridays.