January 02, 2009

What I Learned From 2008

Look, Ma, one hand!
(Mr. D perfecting his moves in his after-school program.)

2008 was a great year, full of surprises and small satisfactions.

I just treated myself to a meander through my posts from 2008, and have selected a few for my end-of-the-year highlight wrap-up, going from most recent to oldest:

Be Late

Sometimes, being late is the responsible choice.

Reacting to Others' Losses
Talk less. Listen more.

Are you treasuring yours?

Lessons from Camp
So much to learn!

Forever Family Day
Celebrate the things that make you stronger.

More Sky
Honor your losses.

Baby Freeze
If you want to learn something, track down an expert. (Hint: they're all on YouTube now.)

Snow Day
We only had one snow day in 2008, but I've been coasting on this memory ever since. I defy you to watch this video without smiling.

Mr. D's Times Tables
Sometimes it's worth doing something hard just so you can look back at it and think, "I did that."

Saturday Afternoon at the Kitchen Table
We can support each other in our creativity while doing very different things.

Go, Auntie Nish!
Given careful and loving attention, small ideas can turn into giants.

(Thanks to those friends
who pop in over here periodically,
and a special thanks to those
who even leave an occasional comment!
Thanks, too, to Robert Hruzek
for his "What I Learned From"
call for submissions.)


Professor Kim said...

We all benefit from your considerable wisdom. Give D a big hug for me.

Kelley Ann Hornyak said...

I love the idea you had here! I was just re-tagging all the posts on my blog last night, and I was reflecting on all the lessons that I learned and blogged about in 2008. What an awesome idea to put them all into one post. Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your idea! :)

Rockmask said...

Woah, Dom, way to bust a move! Break it down, cuz!