December 07, 2008

Slice of Life

It's been a lovely weekend.

I've been baking biscotti and calling old friends. (If you're feeling starved for visuals, you can check out last year's post.)

My lovely partner and I took in a fabulous jazz concert last night and then walked home in the season's first snow.

Our son is downstairs hard at work at a mysterious elf project with his beloved Aunt Chelle.

And even though I wasn't able to attend writer Zadie Smith's talk at the NYC public library last night, I can listen to the whole thing from the comfort of my laptop.

You could, too, if you liked (click on her name below):

Zadie Smith (53 minutes; make a cup of tea)

(Hat tip to Heidi Durrow!)

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ingrid said...

it all sounds wonderful. :)