November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

In some ways, the scene was the same. D & I, hard at work in the kitchen in preparation for our traditional (yet not) Thankgiving.

But careful readers of this blog (hi, grandparents!) will notice that young Mr. D's task list has expanded a bit. That's right. Not just potato washing, but also carrot peeling! My goal? Sitting on a stool directing the show by the time he's 17. :-)

The final guest count was 37. (Yes, thirty-seven; those of you who have seen our livingroom live and in person may now close your mouths, which would appear to be hanging open.) If you already know the story of our Thanksgiving (and if you don't you can read about it here), you still may be wondering, "Where do you put them all?"

Well, in the living room, for starters...

And then, up the stairs!

We had a great time. And the clean-up is now complete.
(Thanks for your help, C & L!)

PS: A bonus shot of D's Connect 4 Master Class is here!

(PPS: Thanks, too, to the family members
who played along as we sought to identify
as many words as we could in the letters
Would you believe 129?
See our list here.)


Wendy said...

you three amaze and inspire me.

happy holiday,

Tracy said...

Oh, gosh! I love the connect 4 master class best! I love it that h has such a well-defined a much-anticipated set of tasks. So good for him! What a great Thanksgiving. Hugs!