January 03, 2009

Strain Your Brain

Aw, c'mon! Just FIVE points away from the dreaded level seven?! This is almost as much fun as online SET.


sister AE said...

I love this stuff! I got 37,984 and was also denied the top levels.

Of course one game I've been playing lately doesn't hurt. The goal is to place the African countries onto the outline of the continent. I was terrible and now am getting better.

Stacy said...

Got through level nine but denied level 10 by 1,000 points.

Now totally hooked.

Gillena Cox said...

just blogged in to say i have received your new year card

much love

~ Jenn said...

Got to level 8 and tanked. Level 8 should be titled, "Obscure Places You May Have Heard Referred To In The Mid-70s." I am afeared of Level 9, which might be "Places You Go In Your Head When You Can't Get To Sleep."

Catherine said...

I got to level 11. This could be partly because of the time I spent playing the geography games at Shepherd Software a while back.
Look for "World geography games" and "US geography games"
Their motto is "we make learning fun", and they do!