February 06, 2009

That's Weird

Background: Our son and his friends have just started to cross over into the exciting new social territory of self-determination. They can pick up the phone and call a friend; play date planning can start with them! Recently Mr. D's friend Mr. L did just this, resulting in the following interesting conversations:

Mr. L to Mr. D: Can you come over and play?
Mr. D to Mr. L: Yes, I think so, but you should talk to my mom (hands phone to Tama).

Tama to Mr. L: Hi, sweetie, thanks for calling us. I don't actually know what Mr. D's schedule is on that day, so could you call back and talk to his other mom later tonight.
Mr. L: Okay.

After both parties hung up, Mr. L turned to his mother, confused. "Why do I have to call back and talk to his mother? I just talked to his mother."

His mom responded, "Well sweetie, remember that in Mr. D's family there are two moms, and it sounds like his other mom is the one who knows what his plans for Friday are."

Mr. L: Oh, that's right. Two moms. And no dad at all?

His mom: Mr. D's family is Mr. D and his two moms.

Mr. L: That's weird. (long pause) Who yells at him?

Mr. L's mom of course immediately ran off to tell her husband.

Our other favorite kid response to Mr. D's two-mom status was the kid who said, "Man, you're lucky. You probably get TWO cookies after school."

Two moms = twice as many snowball targets.


Wendy said...

oh i love this!

~Jenn said...

Great story!

Claire told an old friend that we were recently legally married. Claire shared that it really DOES feel different. Friend's husband responds to the news, "So, do they fight more now?"

Tracy said...

Oh my GOD. That is hilarious! Priceless.