February 15, 2009

Still Grateful

Last year, in February, I think I posted almost every day. The year before that, too. This year, not so much.

I have been sick, folks. Not one, but two colds, have felled me, and then there was the time taking care of Mr. D when HE had a cold.

But still, the prevailing chord in my heart is one of gratitude. After all, somedays my morning commute looks like this:

And some of my Saturday mornings have happily looked like this:

So even though I slept through most of Valentine's Day, am swamped with "to-do" lists that haven't gotten done, and had to skip Meeting this morning in order to conserve energy for another event this evening, it's all good.

Gratitude. It's good for the soul.

(I'll be emailing out our cyber Valentine
over the course of today and tomorrow,
but you can just scoot over and check it out now,
if you like. And forgive me if I don't email you...
did I mention I'm still a little sick?)

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