February 02, 2009

Big Debut

We finally figured out how to get Mr. D to sleep in:

Here he is in his competitive wrestling debut. Once we teach him to wash his own wrestling gear, life will be REALLY good! ;-)

As many of you know, we took Mr. D. to almost every sport there was when he was little. I think he hasn't yet seen a polo match, but other than that the bases are well covered. Wrestling was the sport for him from the moment he first saw two big boys on a mat. We're so lucky to have the outstanding PAWS program right here in our town.


JAXTER said...

WOW! D controlled those matches like a seasoned pro... having followed wrestling since high school I have to say I was incredibly impressed with the skills (mad) he displayed.

Stacy said...

He looks quite fierce to us as well. Impressive debit, D!

Unknown said...


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