March 23, 2009

Define "Fun"

Conserving his strength.

The first time you really jangle your funny bone, you think, "Hey, that's not funny!"

This past Saturday a certain 7.5 year old was signed up to race in a one-mile "Fun Run" in Bordentown, NJ. (He'd missed running in the now-defunct Princeton Fete the year before, and was itching to give this year's new sneakers a rigorous test.)

The course was mapped out on closed off city streets, whereas the Fete Fun Run had been a combination of outdoor track and practice fields. I decided I wasn't quite comfortable with sending Mr. D off into the streets of Bordentown with a "just follow everyone else, honey," so I tagged along.

This explains why the end-of-race "double thumbs up" picture is taken from this odd angle. I was lying down on the sidewalk. Next time, he follows everyone else while I cheer madly from the sidelines! (Although he did finish nicely, I'm sure he would have run a faster race without his wind-sucking mama trailing pathetically along behind.)

He'll be back.


webs said...

You ran a race?!?! Parenthood does make you do the strangest things! Congrats! (Oh, and congrats to the boy, too, though I KNEW he'd do well!)

Colin Riendeau said...

haha thats funny! way to go Dominic! running is a lot of fun!

your cousin,


~Jenn said...

What? No picture of YOU in running garb??


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dominic!! I believe you're almost ready to race grandpa in the famous 'Sands of Terror' race.
It runs from the condo to the jetty, starting in March of 2010.