March 16, 2009

Special Day #6

The fabulous Miss T was here this past weekend.

Her special day, complete with the professional (and fabulous) production of Twelfth Night, was indeed special.

And we fit in some other stuff, too:
  • first time of laughing so hard she snorted milk out her nose
  • world record established for # of Stepping Stones worn on head (above)
  • successful evening of improv-based games led by her Specialness herself (see below)
  • lessons resulting in dramatic improvement in Special Girl's hula hooping abilities
  • successful retrieval of the precious clay ball, once feared forever lost
  • "fanciest luggage you will ever see" made it back to MD

(I'm so sorry that we didn't report in
as requested, Miss C...
as you can see, we were BUSY!)

1 comment:

Wendy said...

ooh i want to come over and play.