April 19, 2009

Forever Family Day #8

Today was the anniversary of Tama's successful adoption of our Mr. D. We have wanted to celebrate our membership in the world of families that have been strengthened through adoption, despite the fact that we would probably have preferred not to have been forced to go through the process.

We spend Forever Family together, with no big plan beforehand. This year's celebration included hours of deep immersion in all things Lego:

But the day was too beautiful to NOT head outside, so we took ourselves into the Herrontown Woods:
Where Mr. D practiced his balancing...

... and Tama and Mr. D re-invented the see-saw.

This year, for the first time, I was a little nervous about our "no plan" plan for Forever Family Day. Would Mr. D experience the day as being truly special? Terri reassured me: all he really cares about is that we spend the day together. As usual, she was right.

(PS: The last two years' worth of Forever Family Days
looked like this and this.)

PPS: Easter was last week.
I'm a little behind.
These eggs are all gone now!)


Chelle said...

I promised myself that I wouldn't forget to acknowledge FFD. I have failed miserably. I blame it on jetlag (and the preparation for jetlag) - I'm in San Diego. Glad you all had a great day!
Aunt Chelle

Tracy Feld, KidzArt Executive Director said...

Beautiful! What a lucky family. I have "forgotten" FFD every year and had never thought to consider it a failure. Thanks, Chelle... will feel appropriately sub-par around this time every year, now. Or... MIGHT REMEMBER; who knows?!? I feel a bigger failure over the fact that I have never properly indoctrinated my own two into the "obsess over all things Lego" club. It is pretty much the most important club. I suck. Truly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Forever Family Day to you and your family!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be sure and with you a happy birthday when it rolls around. Somehow I think I'll remember... ;o)

Ascender Rises Above said...

legos! holy moley that is a lot of legos! those are so expensive these days. though i still have all the ones that belong to the girls. careful on that teeter totter!