April 19, 2009


75 yard swim? No worries.

Ride my bike for a quarter of a mile? Here I go!

Run for a third of a mile? Check out my stride!

1st triathalon. 2nd place in the 6-8 age group.

(He'll be back.)


Ascender Rises Above said...

cute cute cute. I remember when my oldest got a trophy for making a point in soccer. (It was an accident and she slipped and fell onto the ball and it went in but she got the point non the less) She is a teacher and still has the award in her living room.

Tracy Feld, KidzArt Executive Director said...

I love his little man face in the bike pic. With his little lips jutting out, like, "Okay. Yeah. Thanks. I got it. Gotta go kick some 7-year-old BOOTIE now." He WILL be back -- I have no doubt. Good thing one of his moms is an athlete. All those wrestling and tri-bootie-kicking genes must come from TERRI.

Steven said...

I liked his very open appraisal of his swim ("awful") and humble description of his win -- thanks for calling Shelley. He is "The Man." (Boy?, Dude?)

Anonymous said...

Way to go D!! There is a practice pool waiting for you in FL.

MemeGRL said...

I love this! Congrats to Mr. D! Who would have thought of a triathlon with an under-10 category!? Fabulous.

Deniel Hopkins said...

good post and love the photos!! especially that last one!! keep tri-ing