April 18, 2010

Trophy Season

Mr. D missed the PAWS wrestling banquet (too late on a school night, we thought), but was told by several friends afterwards that he'd been named, "Rookie of the Year." Even after the third person told us we weren't quite sure whether we should believe it or not. Nothing quite prepared us for the splendid trophy that was waiting for him at the Recreation Center this past week. With not even a week in which to recover, we were thrust headlong into the next trophy hunt... the YMCA kids' triathlon, in which, as you can see, Mr. D was given the number 285. He can't wait for one of his classmates to ask him about the permanent marker evidence of his exploits, and, for the second year in a row, he came in second in his age group.

For me, one of the highlights of the triathlon came when D & I got to cheer on the winner in his category, an incredibly determined little spark plug six year-old named Henry. "He deserved to win," I said admiringly to D. "He really did," he readily agreed. We clapped and clapped.

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