May 09, 2010

Blueberry Muffin (and other songs)

Most springs find us heading down to Baltimore
for the amazing Kinetic Sculpture Race.
This was the scene at which the now-infamous
"Blueberry Muffin Song" was first performed.
(You kind of had to be there.)

The weekend was a terrific chance for some quality cousin time.
(Who says kids today don't know how to share?)

This float, which went into the water as a caterpillar
and came out as a butterfly,
got a huge appreciative roar from the crowd
when they figured out that the metamorphosis
was going to take place.

The fearless frog pictured above
won a "Golden Flipper" award for this spectacular
water "fail"... which was paradoxically
also a big crowd-pleaser.

And C & D had front row seats at the sand pit!

(Thank you, citizens of Baltimore and the AVAM,
for this annual celebration of
exuberant creativity & ingenuity.)


Catherine said...

The sharing photo is very sweet - I hate to be a downer, but it goes totally against all the public health posters which here in New Zealand say "don't share spit" Perhaps they don't have meningitis in the USA? (There are vaccinations, of course, but I don't think they cover every possible variety)

Shelley said...

Catherine, the popsicle photo is just that, a photo... the "photo opp" lasted for about a second, so I'm not too worried about the possible health downside, but thanks for your concern.

Catherine said...

Well, I think your Mr D is very lucky to have such a great rapport with his cousins.
I know someone who has a photo of her granddaughter as a crawling baby facing off with a lion cub. But actually the mother was in the photo with hands hovering, ready to snatch the baby away at the slightest sign of trouble - only they Photoshopped her out!