May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers

Every year, The College of New Jersey brings in a new set of student pianos for their undergraduates, leaving them with the challenge of "passing along" a group of one-year-old pianos. As a former employee, I am on several TCNJ mailing lists, and every year I get a flyer about the on-campus piano sale. This year we made an appointment to check out the pianos. We didn't say a word to Mr. D, who was in any case out of town helping his cousins with their Strut Your Mutt event.

Here's how it works. You can make an appointment to go in before the sale is open to the general public. The selection is limited, but prices are discounted from what you'd pay for a brand-new version of the same piano, and you get the original warranty. There was no hard sell. If you see a piano you like and commit to buying it, they tuck a little red tag into the keys to let other folks know that it's already spoken for.

So yesterday,
we did a little re-arranging in our dining room.

And you know what?
Nothing makes Mothers' Day sweeter
than a deliriously happy boy!

(This photo was taken
when he first laid eyes on the new addition,
mere moments
after he returned
from his Maryland adventures.)


JAXTER said...

WOW! Congratulations, what a score - and the look on D's face? A M A Z I N G

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE the greatest. D is a lucky boy, and so am I!! Chimchim

'n said...

wow, what a wonderful photo of d. he is quadruple lucky to have two double fantastic moms.

Gail said...

Just found your lovely blog. Learned to play and bought my first guitar at age 59, and felt just like D. Hands over heart. Love it! Gail K

Shelley said...

Thank you, JAXTER, Chimchim, and Auntie 'n...

and welcome, Gail!

Thanks for your kind words...