August 04, 2010

Lessons from Camp, 2010

Some of this year's lessons from camp

(And a big "howdy" to Mary, Brett, Jan, Bruce, & Tara
at N. of Highland Camping Area)...

Bring a friend, a bucket, and a shovel.

Let your friend test the waters...... and then you try it, too.

Make friends...

... with the locals.
(Why yes, that's Vicki Kennedy. At our campground.)


... makes everything easier.

Get a little fancy with your camping self.

When captured, grin and bear it.

Act like every shot is "gettable".

Ride your bike to the ocean.

Shoutouts to our camping partners Sassafras Mama and JT,
who have helped put the special in this trip for years.
Thanks, too, to our families for putting up
with our relative inaccessibility,
and big smushy cyberkisses
to our folks, Auntie Nish, Wendy, Karen Schiff,
Jen Manion, Diana Conway, Tante Dorit, and Aunt Chelle
for their contributions (snailmail and otherwise)
to another fantastic stay at camp this year.
Can't get enough?
Sassafras Mama's
pics of the shark are pretty great, too!)

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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures and captions; they bring to life a powerful sense of your cheerful celebration of friends and family, here on the monitor in my studio, many miles away.