August 18, 2010


It has been a tough year for trees in Mercer County, NJ.

No rain. High winds. And then, Tuesday night,
a freaky-strong micro storm
(one of the emergency workers on the scene
called it a mesocyclone):

Looks like it's been a tough year for cars, too.
(These poor neighbors are away on vacation.)

This is the street corner closest to our house.
The street was quickly closed due to downed wires.
Smoke was still hanging in the air.

Everywhere we looked,
there were huge chunks of tree on the ground.

Earlier this summer, our front yard's
street tree dropped this little "hint."

The township arborist looked at his records,
inspected the tree, and then said,

"I'm sorry, but that tree has to go."

We're feeling pretty lucky this week.
Especially since the new addition is just fine.

(Photos 2-4 of this post were taken by a certain
almost nine year old who wants "to be really good a photography.")


Chelle said...

Yikes! Love that D is working on his photography.

Anonymous said...

what is going on with the trees this year? so many down in rocky hill, kingston too. are the winds just stronger? are the trees weaker for some reason? nice work on the photos, dominic. - Jody S.

kerrdelune said...

It has been a bad year for trees everywhere - early heat, little rain to keep them going and high winds. Some of my favorite old trees fell this year and became firewood. When the fallen trees were ours, we planted replacements at once. At the moment there is a dear little red oak tree waiting to go into the garden. I did enjoy the photos, and particularly of your own blue house.