December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

We took this picture to celebrate
the beautiful work
of our fantastic Wrapini (aka Tama)...

...and this one,
to show off the splendor of Sassafras Mama's
holiday home & tree
(note yummy snacks in foreground).

We had a wonderful Christmas,
complete with pleasure reading for the grownups...

...and the joys of catnip for the younger set.

Everyone was in agreement about
the joys of a shared feast.

(Warm thanks to Sassafras Mama & her crew
for once again sharing the holiday with us.)


Stacy said...

Most happy, indeed!

Unknown said...

Warm hearts and good company. What could be better. Love to all. Tante dorit

Zina said...

What a toasty and loving group! It warms my heart to look at these.