January 17, 2011


Today marked the occasion of the boy's first Skype call. And who better to share that moment with than his fantastic Cousin C? It was an occasion for much merriment; the look on Mister D's face when he realized that he could "carry" Cousin C to his bedroom while she "carried" him to her kitchen was indescribably awesome.

Getting to listen to Cousin C's reaction to his latest wrestling highlights video as she watched it for the first time was pretty great, too.

I'm desperately hoping that this technology takes some of the sting out of the impending move to SC (theirs, not ours). If tonight was any indication, I'm thinking that my hopes might be well-placed.

(My next goal?
Musical sharing via Skype.
Just THINK of the rounds we could learn!
How about you? If you need help getting started,
it's likely that you'll find everything you need
right here on the ol' intertubes.)

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