January 22, 2011

Taking Advantage

Due to the demands of T's work in the winter, Mr. D and his Tama don't get to see as much of each other in these colder months as they would like. They have established a number of traditions in order to overcome this challenge, and their mid-January trip to the amazing American Museum of Natural History is shaping up to be one of their favorites.

They had already selected Tuesday, January 18th as their target date this year when the weather reports started to come in. Snow. Ice. Slush. Ice. Sure enough, on the appointed morning, his school notified us that they had decided to go with a delayed opening. No problem for our intrepid adventurers, who had long planned to take the train anyway. And no problem for mama, who was granted the entire day off and who looked forward with cozy anticipation to a full day of luxurious at-home puttering.

That was the plan right up until my partner and our son turned up the heat with giant begging puppy eyes:

The next thing I knew, I was dashing for the shower so I could make the train along with them!

(Of course we stopped for a little cinnamon roll action in Penn Station.)

A little over an hour later, we were some of the very first members in the door at the AMNH.

We imagined pteranodons soaring overhead,

and experimented with how much we'd weigh on the moon.

But the room where we spent the most time by far
was the incredible main wing
of the gems and minerals collection.
Our boy is a serious lover of beauty.

At the same time, he is seriously
dedicated to demonstrations
of strategy, determination, and raw power:

(This wrestling pic was taken just three days prior.)

We all had a wonderful day together, and as a kind of reward, the weather bestowed a second snow day on me yesterday, while Mr. D had another delayed opening. We're just loving winter!

(And we remain open to suggestions
for more fun winter adventures...)

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