January 21, 2011

Hint Hint

If you've just figured out how close Valentine's Day is and are getting a little panicky, have I got a cure for you! Hop on over to TrueJune's Etsy shop & think about brightening your sweetie's day with one of her necklaces. They are beautiful, simple, and pleasinlgy unusual, and I are likely to go instantly to "treasured" status.

I wound up with the same one I gave to my niece C, and we're both just thrilled.

(Let me know which one - or ones! -
you're pining for in the comments.
Hat tip to artist/author friend
Auntie Nish for turning me on
to the work of our fellow Brown grad.)

1 comment:

auntie 'nish said...

that's really sweet.
: - )