October 31, 2011

Hallowe'en 2011

We had some great costume ideas for Mr. D this year. We were especially hoping that he might decide to be a "Creeper" from Minecraft. He was very polite, and took all of our suggestions under advisement. And then, once again, he came up with his own, extremely gruesome idea. "Tama," he explained pleadingly, "Hallowe'en is pretty much my one day to be really and truly scary." He is all about Dia de los Muertos.

So.... we knew we were in over our heads when we heard this year's idea. Thank goodness we happen to have a certain future forensic anthropologist on speed dial... Miss Ari to the rescue!!

"You want to look like your face is unzipped?
Exposing the bloody meat underneath?
We can do that! But you have to hold still."

SOME children go for sweet and whimsical.
But not our kid.
Are you ready?
(Grandparents, please sit down.
No boys were harmed, honest.)

You could tell where he was on the street
by listening for the screams.
Not kidding.

Hey, why is Albert Pujols hanging out with that bloody kid?
(Thank goodness for JT; the boys have been sharing
this holiday for pretty much their whole lives.)

At the end of the night?
The divvy.
Items available for trade
placed near the black rope.
Much haggling,
followed by a serious sugar high.
Life is indeed good.

(Gotta close with one more shout out
to the amazing Miss Ari!
Also, all praise to Galen, the inventor
of cold cream.)


Tracy said...

O.M.G. This was HIS idea???? It is so awesome. Horrifying and yucky, but AWESOME. Geesh.

Tracy said...

Also... no post from your trip to Lake Murray? Do we have to unzip our faces, or what?

Shelley said...

@Tracy I believe he was inspired by a YouTube video. And yes, I have some awesome Lake Murray visit pics, but am still working through my denial about the fact that you moved to SOUTH CAROLINA! Stay tuned, and for the love of all things holy, please keep your faces zipped. - Shelley

kerrdelune said...

Oh WOW, what an absolutely amazing costume idea and makeup job. Very very cool. . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Sent email to western members of family. Subject was
"D exposes himself" and included 3 of the pics. AWSOME is THE word. Chimchim