November 26, 2011

Remember South Carolina?

I am apparently still in denial about the fact that my sister now lives in... South Carolina. And I had a crazy-busy summer. STILL, these pics have been hanging around for WAAAYYY too long now. So here's a little blast from the past...

Nina loves Mr. D, episode 264.

Miss C has put her dog-whisperer skills
to good work already,
helping to get gorgeous pups like these
ready to be helper dogs.
Go, C!

T continues to draw up a storm.
(Mr. D explains, "She's who I really look up to,
as an artist.")

A well-laid table and some pretty dang goodlookin' kids!

Did someone say, "Funnelcake?!"

Mostly, we just hung out in Lake Murray...

... or near Lake Murray...

... until it was time to eat again.

(Sigh. We had such a nice visit!)

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