April 15, 2012

Old Friends

I went to Seattle over a month ago, and have been meaning to post these photos from the non-work portion of that trip ever since.

When I was in junior high, my then new-best-friend Claire said that she'd invite me over to her house on one condition. "Sure thing," I said, "but what's the condition?"

"You may not," she said sternly and without a hint of mercy, "fall in love with my brother."

(Apparently she'd run into this problem multiple times and was getting tired of it.)

So warned, I promised and was permitted access to Claire in her home, where she taught me to play backgammon and how to treat LP's with the care & attention they deserved.

I managed not to fall in love with David. (The lesbian thing probably helped.) But no one had said we couldn't be friends.

So even though we hardly ever talk and see each other even less frequently, David Dana and I have been friends for a very long time, and it was a huge treat to have an opportunity to see him as a part of my travels in the Pacific Northwest earlier this year.

I wish I'd taken a few more photos (only half of David's family is represented in these), but am grateful that David had a hunch that I'd groove on the Seattle Public Library, where these three photos were taken:

David and his son Drew.
This photo has not been altered.
There really is an entire section of the library that's red.
I enjoyed thinking about how they got THAT
past whatever committee was in charge of wall paint selection.

Here's David on the elevator with mascot Haibao.
(Don't ask.)

Drew on the library escalator.

(I'm nowhere close to the only tourist
who has oohed and ahhhed her way through
the Seattle Public Library;
for more great shots, see the relevant Flickr pool.)

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