April 23, 2012

Forever Family Day 2012

Forever Family Day 2012, a set on Flickr. 

Every year, we celebrate our confirmatory adoption of Mr. D by taking the day off and doing something special, all together. This year's theme, apparently, was animals.

We don't plan this day out ahead of time (other than arranging to take the day off, if April 19th falls on a weekday)... part of the specialness of it is the ease we all feel, knowing that we have an entire day set out before us.

The visit to Bird Paradise was something of a information-gathering mission. Since Mr. D has been a bird lover for as long as any of us can remember, we can imagine that a companion bird might be in his future at some point. Before we hopped a train, we stumbled onto the excellent Amy's Omelette House, which we highly recommend, both for the stunning range of omelette options, and for the just-right level of service friendliness. The River Line train to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden is a treat in and of itself... a smooth and easy ride that takes you almost to the doors of the aquarium, qualifying you for a discount on the price of admission to boot! At the aquarium we oohed and ahhhed our way through a seemingly endless array of marine life... I think the part Mr. D and I both enjoyed the most was petting the stingrays (!).

We are so blessed to have each other, and I hope that we live into that gratitude every day. Still, it's lovely to have this one day where we're paying special attention to that "how did we get so lucky" feeling.

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Tante dorit said...

hugs and more hugs. We are all blessed to have D in our lives.

kerrdelune said...

Wonderful, wonderful.... this warmed my heart and made me smile. You are so good together, are such a beautiful family.