June 01, 2012

Rabbit rabbit!

We're not sure where this all started, but we know we weren't the first to sign up for the superstitious belief that if you start each new month with the words "Rabbit rabbit!" good luck will follow.

It's harder to pull off than you'd think. Very tough to remember something that silly first thing in the morning.

But since I am often out the door in the morning before She Who Believes In Beauty Sleep descends, our invocation sometimes happens via email.

So this month, I got the ball rolling with this little number:

Rabbit rabbit! (Awww!)

And within what seemed like moments, She Who Wears Orange responded with an cleverly Reunions-themed response:

Rabbit tiger!
(Really good luck for those of us
whose lives have been claimed by Princetoniana.)

Then, just a few minutes later, I received this follow up:

Um.... yeah. Words fail.

So there you have it: lots of luck!

(Do the folks in your family
subscribe to any weird superstitious traditions?
We would love to hear about them...)

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