May 18, 2012

Blairstown 2012

We had another great mother-son getaway at the Princeton-Blairstown Center over Mother's Day weekend this year:

I remember when the giant zipline seemed like it would always be WAAYYY too scary for our little guy:

... but clearly those days are gone!

We shared a cabin with the wonderful men of the Kelly family (like us, they had one mom who opted to stay safely tucked in at home); these next few pictures are of Sam (he who made wrestling seem possible) and Dominic horsing around:

And, as a special bonus, we even got to share our cabin with an excellent four-footed friend.
We look forward to this event every year, and were so grateful to the folks who pulled it all together this year, since we weren't able to be of as much help on the planning end as we might have liked.

Not everyone could stay all the way through Sunday afternoon, but everyone who was there for even part of the time had a great time, I think. Strengthening Quaker community AND having fun is a tough combination to beat!

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