July 30, 2012

Sunday in the City

It's taken me years, but I finally now think 
of NYC when I say, "The City."
(For many years, this phrase evoked Philadelphia for me.)

I brag all the time about how easy it is
to get into NYC, and it is...
but with a confirmed "nature boy" for a son,
I don't take advantage of that ease
as often as I might like.

So yesterday, with the boy still at sleepaway camp,
a large-screen screening of Kyss Mig 
at Lincoln Center lured me in. 
(Loved it.) And then a show at ICP got me snapping shots.

Here's a classic street scene:

A truck that caught my eye
(can't imagine why):

The sun burnishing the buildings as it set:

This beautiful red-headed girl I spotted.
I started following her... couldn't help it!

As she headed into Penn Station,
she must have felt my gaze...
my heart was pounding:
she was on to me!
But she didn't seem the least bit upset.

Reader, we went home together.

(Special thanks to T for this last photo,
which is a view from the train.
Thanks to her, too, for a wonderful Sunday.)

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