November 04, 2012

Life Without Electricity

We were without power for most of this past week.
Candles definitely came in handy...

... as did our decks of playing cards.

Mornings started with some quality time 
in the local gas line --
we were running a generator
to keep our sump and fridge going.

Most nights Mr. D treated us 
to piano practice by Petzl-light.

And when we finally fled to Bala Cynwyd
in search of heat and comfort 
(thank you, Feldinis!),
we were thrilled to return to THIS 
beautiful sight:

(As of this writing, almost a third of NJ residences
remain without power, including over 10K
here in Mercer County. Gas restrictions have been imposed
in twelve NJ counties. And many NJ voters will need to vote
via emergency procedures. It's going to be a long road.)

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Tante dorit said...

A group bed huddle helps. Td