November 25, 2012


I know I say this every year, but this Thanksgiving was the best yet.

We had at least 25 international students (and one "ringer" from Louisisana) join us for our Friday feast... which meant that Thursday was an "all hands on deck" situation!

 His enthusiasm for the big knife 
made me a little nervous...

We were happy to have extra hands
available for the mashing of potatoes.

On the day of the feast, Tama is the carver.

 And soon the students start to fill our home
with the sounds of happy conversation.

These stalwarts were the last to leave;
someone had the good idea to have
us all stand still for a moment for this picture.

(And we even had a few samosas left over!)

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kerrdelune said...

I so enjoyed attending your Thanksgiving, thank you for sharing it!