December 31, 2012

Thank you, Wiltchiks!

Being able to start our trip to Hawai'i with a multi-day layover with our fabulous Wiltchik cousins in Irvine made it all seem "doable." Out on the East coast, Mr. D is the youngest of the cousins, but in California he's the big dog... so nice for him! We were well cared for (I had to lay up for the first day and get rid of the family cold that finally caught up with me), and spent some great time together, swimming, hiking, playing games, and just generally catching up on each other's lives. (The last time Mr. D and I were out here was for Danielle & Jed's wedding!)

The walking trails in Irvine 
just outside the Wiltchik home are GORGEOUS... Danielle & Jed
made sure that Terri and I got some quality time together.

Mr. D had a great time with "big boy" cousin G1...

...and was tender in his attention to little G2.

 The boys had a blast out in the driveway.

 Skateboard as luge!

Cousin Jed dominated in Mega Monopoly...

...while little G2 tried on some glasses.

Cousin Jed also TROUNCED all comers in backgammon.
(Photo by G1.)

 The hot tub was lovely.

G1 was thrilled by Mr. D's ability to work "water magic."

And four out of the five people in this photo
were happy to have their picture taken.
(Thanks for taking it, Cousin Danielle!)

Cousin Jed probably ran up about 200 miles on his Saturn schlepping us around during our visit (we didn't rent a car in Irvine or Waikiki), but he was very gracious about it. Danielle packed us the sweetest lunches for the final leg of our trip to Honolulu, which were much appreciated during this era of "you hungry? you pay!" in-flight service. Next stop? Waikiki!

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