December 31, 2012

Even Better Than Expected

We had a fantastic honeymoon/ 20th anniversary (depending on how you count) trip to CA and Hawai'i! Here are just a few glimpses into The Oahu portion of our trip (all photos mine unless otherwise noted).

 In the jacuzzi at the Aqua Bamboo.

 The beginning of the path to Manoa Falls.

 Manoa Falls

Looking back at the mountains (photo by DRK!).

Mr. D got some lessons on reading waves at Waikiki...

... and then proceeded to ride some! (Thanks, Kris!)

Former volcanic crater now turned coral reef...

...aka snorkeling heaven Hanauma Bay.
(Thanks to Flickr user Bemep for this photo.)

 Moonrise over Diamond Head

This trip really re-ignited my travel urge... we were just awestruck by the gorgeous scenery, perfect weather, and friendly people of Hawai'i.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Great Photos! Thanks

kerrdelune said...

Oh, this is wonderful, and a belated happy anniversary!

Maggie R said...

Hey!!! Happy 20th! How wonderful you got to do this trip and thanks so much sharing some of the beauty of it all! xoxoxo