November 15, 2006

Real Beauty

This image was taken from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. The accompanying video is worth watching... you can just click on the underlined text above.

I'll wait.

I've never really worn makeup. Somehow I instinctively knew, long before figuring out my non-majority sexual orientation, that I was never meant to swim in this particular main stream.
In the beginning, it was less a principled stand than a gut-level aversion.

Now, it's a decades-old decision that enables me to model a counter-cultural option for my nieces, as well as one that saves me time and money.

Although I have to admit that Sassafras Mama's occasional glitter makes a good case for a little self-celebratory flash.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I thought this was so powerful I fired it off to my neices and sister in law before I even wrote my response. I too have never worn make-up and have often wondered why so many women find it essential to their daily life.

Amanda. said...

Visiting via NaBloPoMo... great post!