October 31, 2007

Before and After

Here are pictures of Mr. D... before and after his somewhat unspecified yet gruesome accident:
No worries...

Oh, dear. Most unfortunate.

This entire costume – he called it "bloody accident victim" – was his idea. We just aided and abetted.

I love Hallowe'en. Chocolate flowing in the streets. The sound of packs of gleeful children on a mission. Teenagers giving up their cool for one last night of Raggedy Ann and Skeletor. Parents hovering at the ends of driveways. Friends who go out together and then come back and compare their loot. Homemade costumes. Kids who are thrilled when you "get" their homemade costumes. Little kids who can barely overcome their fear, but then finally pipe up with the requisite "Trick or Treat." Toasting pumpkin seeds the way my friend Fred taught me. People who turn their entire first floor into a haunted house that has become so popular that their street is parked in with people who have driven over to check it out. A chance to play at being someone else. A chance to play with fear. A chance to play.


Stacy said...

Oh dear! Imagine how much worse it would have been if he hadn't been wearing his helmet!

We had loads of fun. Thanks!

'n said...

Nice costume, D! Here in the big city, where my trickortreaters are all building neighbors, I threw chocolate eyeballs all around. My favorite family:
kid1: I'm a pumpkin.
kid2: I'm a unicorn.
kid3: I'm the grim reaper.

patti digh said...

Fantastic costume! I would have rewarded him NICELY if he had come to my door with that outfit on!

sister AE said...

For years one of my favorite stops on our trick-or-treat route was the house of our kindergarten teacher who lived only a couple houses away down an alley. She was always so gracious to everyone and was as nice to us when we were "big" as when we were 5.