March 23, 2008

I Loves Me Some Easter

I really like Easter.
I love the hopefulness of the story,
and I love coloring eggs.
(The middle "VGT" (Very Green Team) egg
is part of an elaborate
online Color War game...
stay tuned for further updates.)

In our home, even the dumping of the dye
is part of the fun:

Then we spend some time smashing eggs against each other, checking to see whose cracked, and remarking on Nana's all-time champion status in such pursuits. How does she do it? An Easter mystery we delight in every year, even when we don't get to see Grandpa and Nana.

(Extra hugs for Grammy and Grampy,
who have both been knocked completely flat with flu,
and for a certain Miss T, who cannot POSSIBLY be 10 years old!
And bonus eggs from 2006 are here.)


tumblewords said...

Wonderful post! Wow! What fancy eggs those are - and the sink looks really neat, too!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Wow, those are really nice eggs!