May 17, 2012

Face To Face

I've had lots of great opportunities to appreciate the value of good old-fashioned face-to-face conversations this spring.

Exhibit B:
My dear friend-from-way-back-when Robin came and gave me the chance to unfold the little guest bed in the library. We shared a meal, puttered around town, hung out and listened to Mr. D practice piano... and when I realized the next morning that I hadn't taken a single picture, she gamely got back in bed to allow me to take this one. Fantastic.

And before that, Exhibit A:
My most excellent brother, having procured himself an exciting new position, joined me for an evening out at the Geechee Girl Rice CafĂ©... he'd never been, so it was a treat to introduce him to this wonderful  old haunt and think that we'll now be able to plan many more meals together in the years to come.

I am hoping to keep this trend going. Much as I love all my digital peeps, there's something extra-special about gatherings that can end with a real hug.

(See you soon, Mom & Dad!)

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