January 13, 2008

Top 7 of '07

The lovely Magpie Girl (aka Rachelle) has suggested that we bloggers take a moment to look back over our year and highlight seven posts we were pleased with. Here are mine, with comments about why they made the cut:

Loneliness Haiku
I've been writing haiku all year, with varying degrees of success. These two are both good, I think.

Chocolate Pizza What?
Nicely captures both my silliness and creativity, I think.

Lessons from Camp
This post-camp photo essay is becoming a bit of a tradition.

Everyday Miracles
So many great moments as a parent this year; this one seemed to resonate with folks.

Good to take a moment and recognize some connections.

Just Say Yes
The parenting advice I try to live up to.

Imagined History 2
Last February I participated all month in the fabulous Thing-A-Day project. It was thrilling and humbling to try to play along... I'll probably try again this year. This entry was singled out because many months later it actually managed to re-connect me with the real Monica Russ.

(Thanks for the cool prompt, Rachelle.
And if anyone's still hungry for more true-life stories,
I'd love for you to check out my Life In Stories project.)

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